Days 4, 5, & 6

May 5th, 2004

We didn’t do much on day four.

Day Four was a day of rest. We slept in after a late wedding night (!) and had a late lunch and then a nap so we’d be ready to get up early and head out for the rest of our trip (“Phase II”).

We tried to head over the Hoover Dam, but were turned away because the police wanted to unpack our U-Haul (not happening) before we could go across. We turned around and took the alternate route through Laughlin, NV.

We made it to the Grand Canyon by about 5, found our campsite, and headed down to the rim. We hiked about 3.5 miles and got some great photos!

In the morning, we drove around the rim, stopping at viewpoints along the way and then were out of the park driving through Indian Reservations and Red Rock Country along the way. We arrived in Phoenix at about 5.

After a nice overnight visit with my Grandma, we’re headed out and had just a moment to post this!

We’re off to El Paso and all points east. Keep an eye out for updates!


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset

Arizona Mesa’s

Dobe’s Birthday Ice Cream 😉

Today is day 7 and we’re headed to El Paso as we speak.

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