Days 7 – 10.

May 9th, 2004

We haven’t had a chance to post pics for a couple days, but this update should catch you up. (Make sure you keep scrolling for all the pics.) We’re having a great time and should make Baltimore in the next couple days.

Bye! – G&M

Day 7

On Day Seven we were originally thinking we would head to El Paso and have Cinco
de Mayo dinner in Mexico. It didn’t work out that way, but we got pretty close.

We headed toward El Paso, but decided to take the old Highway 80 route, through
Tombstone, AZ. Tombstone is the notorious town where the Showdown at the O.K. Coral
went down. Doc Holiday and the Earp brothers shot some baddies. Now, it’s a tourist
trap. As tourist traps go, a fairly cool one.

Our original goal was to eat authentic Mexican food, in Mexico, on Cicno de Mayo. We
realized on our way that it would be a pretty big pain to enter Mexico with a dog
for the day. So once we left Tombstone we drove through Bisbee to Douglas, AZ. Douglas
is right on the border with Mexico–AZ’s only 24 hour border crossing. In Douglas
the only big store was Wal Mart (everything else was closed up… funny how that happens).
We needed a couple things for camping so we ended up shopping there. Then we drove through
to New Mexico and camped at the nearly empty Rock Hound State Park. We stayed up way
too late watching our new Tombstone DVD that we bought at Wal Mart.

Day 8

We awoke to a beautiful day in the middle of the New Mexico desert and commenced
driving. We made it well into Texas and camped at a totally empty state park at
Lake Colorado. It was a nice recreation area, on a nice lake, with a giant refinery in the
middle (which seems to be a common scene, throughout the south).

Day 9

Next day, we kept on truckin’ through Texas and in to Arkansas. We didn’t plan
ahead very well and tried 2 different state parks, which were both full and were 120
miles apart. After we blew most of the evening driving between them, we just headed
back down the freeway and camping at a rest stop outside of Little Rock, AR.

Day 10

Today was a very nice day. We actually got a great night’s sleep at the rest
stop and got an early start. Maya was really craving a shower and I was on the
same page. We drove straight to Nashville and arrived at about 3 p.m. On the
way, Maya booked us a room in a sweet hotel that is cool with dogs and has high
speed internet. We had a nice walk through downtown and dinner at a really
great little place. Now we’re soaking up the nice hotel. Maya says, “We really
love the hotel. And Dobe really loves the hotel.”

Day Seven

A doll shop in Tombstone named “Gabe’s” 😉


Making camp in New Mexico (Thanks for the wine Kami!)

Day Eight

Bright morning at Rock Hound State Park

Don’t Mess With Texas

Lake Colorado State Park: Beautiful Refinery

Day Nine

Permian Basin = Oil!


Rural Arkansas

Day 10

Mississippi R. at Memphis

Gabe at Adelphia Stadium (Tennessee Titans)

Maya in Bed (Thanks for the cookies Anna!)

Dobe likes the hotel.

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