Phase One

May 2nd, 2004

Welcome to our travelogue! We’re heading from Eugene, Oregon to Baltimore, Maryland and taking up to two weeks to do it. Maya and I will be trying to make updates as often as possible from the road. If you post comments please leave your name.

Day One

Day One: EUGOR to Bend

Day One

The weight of our trailer on a beautiful day west of Eugene.

After working hard to get the last of the boxes in the U-Haul, we left 3915 Donald at at about 3:30. We still had to say one last goodbye to Jenn & Ryan and little Calder, so headed out of town via their place. The U-Haul towed much nicer behind the EuroVan much nicer than we had expected and we made pretty good time to Bend. My mom had scheduled us to meet my Grandpa George and Grandma Nora in Redmond at 6, but we barely made it by 6:45. After a nice meal, we headed back to my folks’ house and crashed out in pretty short order.

Day Two

Day Two
Day Two: Bend to Las Vegas

At 6 a.m., we readied our van and headed south. The GPS told that the shortest route was via Burns, but we figured the drive would be prettier and the cell phone coverage would be better. Once we were south of Highway 20, the GPS recalculated the shortest route and said we should go via the Klamath Highway near Klamath Falls. Again we second guessed the GPS and took the Lakeview to Reno route and probably picked up a half hour by doing so, but it was a sure was a nice drive.

Somewhere in Eastern Oregon we ran into a cattle run blocking the road and got some great pics.

Welcome to Nevada

Sunset in the Nevada desert

We drove (and drove) and made it to my sister’s house Vegas at about 11 p.m., had a beer with her and sacked out in preparation for a busy Saturday (*wink*).

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