Mars Attacks Prints

June 14th, 2010

A company in Philly called LTL Prints has secured the repro rights to the old Topps Mars Attacks trading cards. I think they might look nice on my wall. #21 & #17 would make a nice pair. #47 and #54 might be even better:

For those that don’t know, Mars Attacks started out as trading cards in the early 1960s (’62 to be precise) rather than Tim Burton’s wild film tribute made in the nineties. Not that Burton’s film wasn’t excellent, but that’s not where it started out. The originals were just as odd, and possibly more subversive. The cards were bizarrely violent with slightly odd sexual undertones that got them banned.

Considering these cards were given out free with bubble gum, it would be a bit like visiting and finding all the content was like some demented David Cronenberg movie. Luckily Tim Burton prevented the series from being forgotten completely, now LTL Prints are bringing back the originals.

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