Josefin Sans Std Light

June 1st, 2010

I’d like to welcome guest font face Josefin Sans Std Light to the site. I’m leveraging Google’s new Font API and their repository of open-sourced fonts. Font substitution seems to work pretty seamlessly, even without using the WebFont Loader. If you notice any weirdness, or just want to remark on how beautiful everything is, drop a comment.

2 Responses to “Josefin Sans Std Light”

  1. mike i says:

    Whats up man. You might wanna check your website in Internet Explorer and Chrome, your font from the Google font API isn’t displaying properly. I actually stumbled across your site because I was having the same problem.

    I show the solution here:

  2. james says:

    I’m going to use Josefine Sans Std Light and Goggle’s new Font API for my final project for my web design class this quarter, for navigation and headlines. While I was looking for someplace to download the font, I have to create a style guide for the site this week, I came across you site. I’m glad to have the opportunity to see this font in action, it’s so beautiful!

    Thank you!!!


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