Last days in Paris, on our way home…

April 20th, 2003

Well, vacations have to come to and end, or they wouldn’t be vacations, right?

Yesterday we toured the cemetery Pere-Lachaise where lots of famous people are buried, including Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde and Chopin. It was interesting and photogenic. Continuing with the theme, dead people in Paris, we toured the Catacombes, where 5 to 6 million people worth of bones are stored. Apparently the cemeteries were on prime real estate and when Paris grew, they had to move the bones. These caverns were full of an amazing amount of skeletons. It was quite bizarre.

Our last night in Paris was quite nice… we walked to the Bastille and then walked around a hip district called the Marais. We had wine and then dinner and then some more wine. Tres French.

This morning started early… especially after that wine and only a 3 hour nap. We took the fastest taxi ever (153 km/h!) to the airport where we hopped a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. Now we have a 4 hour layover, but at least they have free, fast internet to help us pass the time… and so I can post a final entry on our Europe travelogue.

We’ll be home at about 6 p.m. tonight (Sunday)… we’ll torture you with slideshows soon.

Thanks for coming along on our trip and for the great comments…

Gabe & Maya

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